Parents / Carers will be entitled to:

  • Access to the school’s careers programme on the school website.
  • Be able to make an appointment with a careers adviser to discuss their children’s future prospects/plans.
  • Be provided with good quality and up to date future study options and labour market information to enable them to support and help their children understand and consider all available options in planning their futures including, at meetings or through information on school website.
  • Be invited to look at careers activities, information and resources, using and contributing to them if they wish
  • Receive invitations to take part in careers and information events
  • Have the opportunity to comment on the usefulness of the careers programme to their children and how it could be improved

Staff that can help

My name is Sue Gough and I am delighted to be working as a Careers Adviser at The Westminster School.  I am currently a member of  The Westminster School Governing Board and was Chair of Governors  for a number of years.

I have worked for many years as a Careers Adviser/Connexions Adviser specialising in advising students who have Special Educational Needs and disabilities.  I look forward to meeting pupils during next academic year; this will be through individual interviews, class groups and, from Year 9 onwards, in annual reviews.

 As a Careers Adviser I help young people to think about their career goals and the steps they need to take to achieve them.  I can talk to pupils about their career ideas and the different routes and options open to them such as education, training and apprenticeships.  I can also help with making applications, writing a CV, interview preparation or whatever support pupils may need to move onto Post 16, College or training.  I can also introduce pupils to other services that may help.

 Many parents ask “Should my child be thinking about careers yet?” It is never too early! If you and your child want to make a start in getting some ideas, you could start to discuss jobs that:

  • they have thought about already        
  • are in the news or on TV programmes
  • you, family or friends do
  • link in with hobbies, interests or subjects they like

 Once they have some ideas you can also help them to find out more. Look them up in the National Careers Service Job Profiles or JED (in School).  If you would like to talk to me about your child’s career plans, please do not hesitate to contact me through the School.