Our Partnerships


At The Westminster School we believe that we can provide a better quality of education for pupils if we work with pupils, parents, carers, governors, the Local Authority and the wider community.

Parents, guardians and carers are always welcome at The Westminster School. It is important that our pupils know that their parents, guardians and carers are interested in what goes on at school and that we work together.

If you would like to arrange a visit please phone beforehand so that we can arrange for there to be someone available to talk to you. If you can’t get to school, but need to talk to a member of staff, either phone, send a note or get in touch via our contact form and someone will be in toch with you.

  • There can be many opportunities for parents/guardians/carers to discuss their children’s progress, if they so wish.

  • We will always contact you if we have any concerns about your child and we hope you will contact us if you have any worries with which you think we can help.

  • The school holds an annual Presentation Celebration for secondary pupils and parents/guardians/carers, where each pupil/student who attends receives an award. Primary pupils celebrate their learning with parents at the end of every term.

  • We are hoping to plan events throughout the year. Your support for these will be higly valued and we look forward to meeting you.