Vision, aims and values

Statement of Intent
  • The Westminster School is committed to raising standards with moderate learning difficulties (M.L.D.) + pupils, working towards educational and social inclusion, in partnership with the community to develop as a Centre of Excellence promoting the highest expectations, whilst meeting individual needs.

  • To develop and maintain an inclusive, caring and supportive school community for pupils and staff which promotes high quality teaching and learning, positive relationships, high self-esteem and an understanding of, and respect for cultural and ethnic diversity and beliefs.

  • To provide a broad, balanced and carefully differentiated curriculum that ensures that all pupils achieve their full potential academically, morally, socially, physically and spiritually, irrespective of gender, culture, race or disability.

  • To provide a wide, varied and relevant range of high quality and well resourced curricular activites that stimulate interests and prepare pupils for lifelong learning in the modern, inclusive, technological and multi-cultural world.

  • To ensure that pupils develop confidence, self-esteem, independence, respect for themselves and others, preparing them to be active, responsible adn tolerant members of the community.

  • To ensure that pupils work and progress are monitored and evaluated, enusring that recording procedures identify pupils needs and recognise a broad range of achievements.

  • To develop and maintain an effective continuing professional development programme for all staff that serves the needs of the whole school.

  • To provide a secure, welcoming, pleasant, clean, attractive and stimulating environment, in which meaningful teaching and learning can take place.

  • To build positive partnerships with parents/carers/governors, the local authority, external agencies, other schools and the wider community (industry, commerce and community groups).