Annual Reviews/EHCP’s

An Education, Health Care plan (EHCP) is a legal document issued by the child or young person’s local authority. It describes their special educational needs, the support they need and the outcomes they would like to achieve. It can give a child or young person additional educational support and gives parents, carers, and young people more choice about which school, college or other education setting the child or young person can attend.  

All young people at The Westminster School have an EHCP. Every year the EHCP is reviewed to report on progress and achievement in the previous year and to set targets and outcomes for the coming year. These outcomes are incorporated into a young person’s Individual Learning Plan or Personal Development Star. Pupils have the opportunity to discuss future plans at their annual review.  

Each year parents/guardians/carers are given an opportunity to discuss their child’s educational development with the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo) and other agencies at the Annual Review. School reports and support service reports are available at this time in order that a review of each pupil’s special educational needs can be carried out.  

All the people who work with our young people will contribute to the review. It is just as important that parents/carers and their child/young person also have the opportunity to contribute as well therefore, parent/carers will be invited to attend their child’s/young person’s annual review every year that they are at The Westminster School and will be required to complete a number of forms about their thoughts and opinions which will go forward to review. Pupils will also have the opportunity to contribute and will be asked to complete a one-page profile outlining their views or even invited to the annual review where appropriate.  

EHCP’s are updated each year if the child or young person is at the end of their Key Stage or there has been significant change to their needs in which case, we would ask the local authority to update them. 

In Year 14 Annual reviews will be held earlier on in the academic year so that parent’s/carers and their child/young person can start thinking about next steps after Westminster. The schools Careers Advisor (link to careers) will be able to provide further information and will also be invited to attend the annual reviews so that this can be discussed in further detail.   

Parents and Carers are consulted throughout the process and are sent draft and final copies of the plan once all parties are happy with the outcomes.   

Please see flowchart below for The Annual Review process at The Westminster School. 

Annual Review Process at The Westminster School



As long as your child stays in some form of education setting their plan will stay with them until they are 25. The plan will only cease: 

  • If the young person has taken up paid employment (excluding apprenticeships) 
  • If the young person goes to university  
  • If a young person is 18 or over and does not want to engage in further learning  
  • If the young person has turned 25 

 If you have any queries about your child’s annual review or Education Health Care plan, please contact the SEN Team at the school or email