The Westminster School caters for pupils with Moderate Learning Difficulties, plus Additional Needs for pupils aged 7-19 years.

We offer our pupils a broad and balanced curriculum, whilst aiming to meet their individual special educational needs. The School is committed to equal opportunities, and all pupils are expected to leave School with accredited qualifications. Preparation for life takes on a more prominent role as pupils progress through the School. At all times they are expected to work and behave responsibly, showing respect and consideration for others.

The Admissions Authority for the School is the Local Authority. The School would expect that all pupils referred to them for admission would have a moderate learning difficulty. In addition to this learning difficulty the child may also have other problems including, but not exclusive to:

  1. Sensory impairment
  2. Physical difficulties
  3. Social, emotional and mental health difficulties
  4. Autistic Spectrum Disorder
  5. Medical needs
  6. Speech, language and communication difficulties

All pupils considered for admission to the School will have an Education, Health and Care Plan.

In exceptional circumstances it may be difficult to determine the child’s level of need. Where necessary the LA may request the School admit a pupil on an assessment placement in order for the child’s needs to be determined. As part of the assessment process the School will work with inclusion support and external agencies to produce a report detailing individual needs of the child. This report will outline the outcome of the assessments undertaken as well as the school’s view on the suitability of its provision.

Children are referred to the School in consultation with the LA. The views and opinions of those agencies and professionals who know the child will be sought during this consultation.

Independent approaches or out of borough consultations will come to both the school and local authority where an assessment will be made by the school admission team about the suitability of placement. Once a decision has been made, the school will inform each party

The admissions Flowchart below demonstrates the admission process for The Westminster School and should be read in conjunction with our admissions policy.

For further information please visit:

Guide for Parents and Carers of Children with Special Needs.

Sandwell Schools Admission Booklet 2021-2022

For all admissions to the school please contact Sandwell SEN directly on 0121 569 8240 or email the team at

Alternatively, if you have any questions or would like any further information or help from the Westminster SEN team, please contact the school or email