The School is committed to raising the attendance of all of the pupils. If a pupil is unable to attend School please call the School office to report the absence on 0121 561 6884. The School and in particular our Family Support Worker will work closely with families to maximise the learning opportunities by attending school.

Children not Attending School

Only schools, not parents, can authorise absence. Whenever pupils are absent and their parents have told the school the reason for the absence, such as not contacting the school to advice it that the pupil is ill, the school must mark the pupil as unauthorised absent. The school can change this mark at a later date if the parents provide a satisfactory reason for their child’s absence.

It is good practice, particularly in terms of safeguarding pupils and encouraging good attendance, for schools to follow up any unexplained absence immediately through First Day Calling initiatives.

All absence can be detrimental to a child’s academic, social and emotional development and therefore schools should be vigilant for early signs and patterns of irregular school attendance.

The national absence codes enable schools to record attendance and absence and help ensure consistency in the treatment and recording of attendance and absence. The data will help schools, local authorities and the government gain a greater understanding of absenteeism and the reasons for absence. Absence data is collected through the School Census system.

There are a number of registration codes which reflect an “Approved Educational Activity” which is part of a child’s education provision taking place off site. These include, Codes “W” (Work Experience); “J” (Attending an Interview”); “P” (Approved Sporting Activity”) and “B” (Educated off site).

The activity must be educational and meet the individual needs of the pupil in question. Only schools can approve the educational activity.

Attendance Summary Policy

We have created a summary of the Attendance Policy available in the languages below. If you would like the summary in an alternative language, please contact the school office.

Click here for the Attendance Policy