Evidence for Learning

Welcome to the Evidence for Learning section of the school’s website.

Evidence for Learning is our school’s chosen platform to capture and record evidence of your child’s learning. This is used by all teachers throughout the school to evidence their achievements across all subjects. During schools closures teachers will upload learning material and videos through this. You child will have a webpage of their own where you can view evidence, make comments as well as sending pictures, videos and messages.

You will also be able to upload pictures, videos and make comments about learning achievements at home. Please see the attached parent guide to help you through the process. If you have any challenges accessing the system please contact a member of the school team at services@westminster.sandwell.sch.uk

Note: During periods of school closure teachers will upload learning challenges through Evidence for Learning (EfL) in the form of videos, pictures and messages. To access these go to your children EfL page. If you aren’t sure how to access this go to the user guide detailed below or email us at services@westminster.sandwell.sch.uk with your child’s name. You will then receive an email from TeacherCloud with your login details and password.

How to access the Evidence for Learning Parent Portal