This update applies to all The Westminster School Pupils


Dear Parents/Carers

COVID Whole School Closure

This weekend has been unprecedented in the amount of calls I have received from the school community informing me of either: confirmed positive test results, developing symptoms, needing to isolate or being contacted by NHS track and trace.  This information combined with a turbulent week of confirmed positive cases throughout the entire school community has subsequently put the school at operational breaking-point and it is no longer safe to remain open.

On Friday the leadership team of the school worked tirelessly to ensure we could safely remain open for our pupils for this coming week.  With recent events all this work has been undone and we need to regroup and make another assessment of what we can safely and realistically achieve for the remainder of the week.

As consequence the school will be closed for Monday 5 July 2021 to all staff and pupils. In the face of adversity, this has been a difficult decision to make.  I understand the impact this has on our young people and their families, however I will not compromise the safety of our young people and staff during these challenging times and in turn I appreciate your help, support, understanding and patience.

All of the contact traces for people who need to isolate have been informed directly by myself.  If you have not heard from me you do not need to do anything else.

During the course of Monday I will hold a meeting with Public Health and the Local Authority to decipher the next steps. I will update you again by mid-day on Monday regarding arrangements for the remainder of the week.      

Live lessons for your child will continue throughout this period through Microsoft Teams and Evidence for Learning (EfL) or our YouTube channel. If you have any queries regarding EfL or accessing the content, please contact us

If you have any further concerns or questions, please contact the Senior Leadership Team on

Thank you for your continued help and support.

Yours faithfully


Mr O M Flowers
Head Teacher



Closure Update 04.07.2021