School Uniform


Making school uniform simple

The Westminster School in association with Tesco makes dealing with school uniform hassle-free. The uniforms you can buy are high quality and adhere to the ethical trading initiative.  They are approved by the school and embroidered in the UK, with the items purchased online. The school also gets a 5% donation on every sale which we have made a commitment to reuse this money to support families and pupils who find things difficult.  The uniforms are embroidered in UK and delivered free within 14 days.

The uniform include jumpers (£6.50-£9.50), polo shirts (£3.75-£6.75), book bags (£6.00), fleeces (£9.00-£12.00) and many other items. There are sizes available to fit all students.

If you are purchasing new school uniform for your child, we ask that you purchase the embroidered clothing from the Tesco online shop.  This can be accessed via or through the link at the bottom.  Please be aware that these items will take approximately two weeks to be delivered to your home. We will no longer be issuing iron on badges.

 This uniform is for pupils in Years 3-11.

  • Plain black or grey skirt or trousers         
  • White blouse, shirt or polo shirt (embroidered polo shirt available)
  • Jumper or cardigan          Royal blue with embroidered logo

Navy blue blazers with the embroidered logo can be purchased from Tesco but these are not compulsory.


All other uniform remains unchanged.

 If you have any questions about the new uniform, please do not hesitate to contact the school office on the telephone number above. You may also want to apply for a clothing assistance from the local authority of £20 or £25.  This can only be done online at

For more information about the products available go to or click on the picture link below.