Primary curriculum

The Primary (KS2) Curriculum

 The Primary curriculum provides opportunities to gain skills, knowledge and independence through play and exploration across seven key development areas. Learning is active and makes the most of the outdoors, providing opportunities to develop relevant ‘real-life’ core literacy, numeracy and social skills. The curriculum is embedded with multisensory experiences that maximise engagement and encourage thinking skills around planned themes. For further information regarding specific subject content please see the School prospectus.



Area of learning and development


Personal, social and emotional development

·       Making relationships

·       Self-confidence and self-awareness

·       Managing feelings and behaviour

Physical development

·       Moving and handling

·       Health and self-care

Communication and language

·       Listening and attention

·       Understanding

·       Speaking


·       Reading

·       Writing

Numeracy and cognition

·       Numbers and calculation

·       Shape, space and measure

Understanding the world

·       People and communities

·       The world and our environment

·       Science and technology

Expressive arts and design

·       Exploring and using materials and media

·       Being imaginative and creative