School Policies

The Westminster School has an array of policies that govern many aspects of school life, copies of which can be downloaded below.

If you do not find the answers to your questions or would like any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us either by telephone, letter or in person.

 Summary policies/documents are available in a range of languages for the following:


Admissions Policy 2020-21.pdf416.85 KB
Accessibility Policy 2020-22 (approved 15.12.20).pdf268.65 KB
Annual Leave Policy (Sandwell Pers46) February 2021.pdf139.96 KB
Anti-Bullying Policy 2019-2020 (Approved 14.11.19).pdf783.47 KB
Appeals Policy 2017-2018 (Approved 21.06.18).pdf337.79 KB
Assessment and Feedback Policy 2016-2017 (Approved 22.06.17).pdf1.14 MB
Attendance Policy 2019-2020 (Approved 06.03.20).doc.pdf283.02 KB
Autism Policy 2016-2017 (Approved 16.02.17).pdf404.47 KB
Behaviour (Wellbeing and Engagement) Policy 2020-2022.pdf1.05 MB
British Values 2020-21 - Approved Sept 2020.pdf211.87 KB
BTEC Assessment and Verification Policy 2018-2019 (Approved 07.02.19).pdf387.88 KB
BYOD Policy 2019-2020 (Approved 14.11.19).pdf298.35 KB
Capability Procedure for Teaching Staff (Sandwell Policy) (Approved 15.12.20)_0.pdf205.47 KB
Charging and Remissions Policy 2018-2019 (Approved 07.02.19).pdf422.37 KB
Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy 2020-2021.pdf638.41 KB
Children with health needs that cannot attend school policy - Approved Sept 2020.pdf202.06 KB
CEIAG Policy 2020-22 Approved 12.11.20.pdf444.73 KB
Complaints Policy 2019-20 (Sandwell Policy) (Approved 06.02.20).doc.pdf375.15 KB
Controlled Assessment and Coursework Appeals Policy 2018-2019 (Approved 20.06.19).pdf336.58 KB
Coronavirus_Risk_Assessment - December 2020 (update 4).pdf611.66 KB
Cover Supervisors Policy 2018-2019 (Approved 20.06.19).pdf445.94 KB
CPD and Learning Policy 2020-21 - Approved Sept 2020.pdf378.72 KB
Data Protection Policy (approved 15.12.20).pdf753.95 KB
Disability Policy (Exams) 2018-2019 (Approved 08.03.19).pdf618.33 KB
Display Policy 2019-2020 (Approved 19.09.19).pdf260.15 KB
Drugs and Substance Misuse Policy 2020-2022.pdf210.16 KB
Educational Visits Policy 2020 approved 12.11.2020.pdf258.63 KB
English Policy 2018-2019 (Approved 07.06.19).pdf281.77 KB
Equality Policy including Information and Objectives.pdf225.69 KB
E-Safety and Acceptable Use Policy 2018-2019 (Approved 20.06.19).pdf379.51 KB
Exclusions Policy 2020-1 (approved 15.12.20).pdf229.92 KB
Exams Policy 2020-21.pdf593.51 KB
Finance Procedures and Responsibilities Policy 2020-2021 Approved July 2020.pdf221.56 KB
Fire Plan 2020-21 (approved 15.12.20).pdf828.12 KB
First Aid Policy (approved 15.12.20).pdf541.22 KB
Freedom of Information Policy 2020-21 (approved 15.12.20).pdf253.85 KB
GDPR Policy 2018-2019 (Approved 04.04.19).pdf442.02 KB
Health and Safety Policy 2020-21 (approved 15.12.20).pdf377.3 KB
Home Learning Policy 2017-2018 (Approved 24.11.17).pdf826.72 KB
Intimate Care Policy 2017-2018 (Approved 08.06.18).pdf306.36 KB
ITT Policy 2020-2022 (approved 15.12.20).pdf238.36 KB
LAC and PLAC Policy 2018-2019 (Approved 20.06.19).pdf346.15 KB
LAC Designated teacher policy Approved Sept 2020.pdf254.45 KB
Learning Outside the Classroom Policy 2016-2017 (Approved 08.06.17).pdf295.21 KB
Leave of Absence Policy for School Based Employees (Sandwell Policy) (Approved 04.04.19).pdf593.62 KB
Literacy Across the Curriculum Policy 2018-2019 (Approved 07.06.19).pdf370.05 KB
Malpractice Policy 2018-2019 (Approved 08.03.19).pdf334.74 KB
Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy 2016-2017 (Approved 22.06.17).pdf432.64 KB
Music Policy 2018-2019 (Approved 07.06.19).pdf465.84 KB
NQT Policy 2020-2023 (approved 15.12.20).pdf221.34 KB
Parental Bereavement Leave Policy Schools (Sandwell Policy Approved May 2020.pdf477.73 KB
Pers 41b - Harassment and Bullying Policy (Sandwell Policy - Approved 20.06.19)64.66 KB
Portable Technology Agreement - 2015-2016.pdf90.25 KB
Preventing Extremism and Radicalisation Policy 2020-2022.pdf891.54 KB
Privacy Notice for Visitors December 2020.pdf285.9 KB
Procedures for Appointment, Extending and Ending Fixed Term Contracts (Sandwell policy).pdf231.75 KB
Procedures for Managing Child Protection Allegations 2020-2021 (approved 15.12.20).pdf405.44 KB
Progression Guidance Information 2017-2018 (Approved 09.03.18).pdf390.57 KB
Radicalisation and Extremism Policy (Sandwell).pdf497.91 KB
Right to request flexible working policy (Sandwell policy - Approved 20.09.18).pdf214.67 KB
RSE Policy 20.21 (approved 14.1.2021).pdf223.85 KB
Sandwell Model Grievance Policy (Approved 07.02.19).pdf186.94 KB
School Safer Recruitment Policy 2020-2023.pdf339.45 KB
School CCTV Policy 2016-2017 (Approved 22.06.17).docx_.pdf753.05 KB
Schools Model Capability Policy Non Teaching Staff (Sandwell Policy).pdf243.86 KB
Schools' Model Disciplinary Policy (Sandwell Policy).pdf317.87 KB
Schools Model Management of Absence Policy.pdf237.68 KB
Schools_Model_Pay_Policy_2020_2021.pdf840.8 KB
Schools Model Redundancy Policy (Sandwell Policy).pdf365.31 KB
School Prospectus 2019-2020.pdf2.03 MB
School Provider Access Policy 2020-22.pdf204.31 KB
SEN Information Report 2020-21 (approved 15.12.20).pdf392.55 KB
SHaLT Policy 2018-2019 (Approved 07.02.19).pdf743.39 KB
Shared Parental Leave (Adoptive Parents) HR119s (Sandwell policy) (Approved 21.06.18).pdf158.53 KB
Shared Parental Leave for school-based employees - HR118s (Sandwell policy) (Approved 21.06.18).pdf208.66 KB
Staff Code of Professional Conduct Policy 2020-2022 (approved 15.12.20).pdf261.76 KB
Staff Handbook 2019-2020.pdf1.09 MB
Staff Induction Policy 2020 (approved 6.2.2020).pdf798.59 KB
Staff Remote Working Policy - Approved May 2020.pdf498.59 KB
Stress Policy for School Based Employees 2017-2018 (Sandwell Policy) (Approved 22.03.18).pdf657 KB
Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions 2019-2020 (Approved 6.3.20).pdf839.69 KB
Teaching and Learning Policy 2017-18 (Approved 07.12.17).pdf308.09 KB
Teacher Appraisal Policy 2020-2021 (approved 15.12.20).pdf420.55 KB
Trans_Equality_Guide_HR55s_December_2020 (1).pdf488.47 KB
Transition_Support_Plan_HR55.1s_December_2020 (3).pdf268.05 KB
TWS Remote Learning Policy - February 2021.pdf289.63 KB
TWS Privacy Notice for School Workforce 2020.pdf390.29 KB
Volunteer Policy Schools 2016-2017 (Approved 22.06.17).pdf200.12 KB
Whistleblowing_policy_for_schools1__Revised_2019 (1).pdf197.2 KB
Young Carers Policy 23.2.21.pdf383.75 KB
Zero Tolerance Policy 2018-2019 (Approved 04.04.19).pdf258.84 KB
C19 Test Privacy Notice - for supply of contact details by schools and colleges f....pdf135.44 KB