The Westminster School is an Outstanding school.  

Please visit the Ofsted website for our latest Ofsted report.


Pupils at The Westminster School are involved in the national assessments at the end of Key Stages 3. Learners will be entered for public examinations where they have followed an accredited course and, in the teacher’s professional judgement, they have achieved a good baseline assessment. Learners in years 10 and 11 have the opportunity to follow Entry Level, GCSE or BTEC courses in most subject areas. Post-16 learners also follow nationally accredited courses, suited to their individual needs. Throughout the 14–19 Age Range (years 10–14) learners have the opportunity to gain externally accredited qualifications. These qualifications can be taken at any point during this age range. The main period of accreditation is at the end of Year 11 where learners are entered for GCSEs and Entry Level Certificates. During Post-16, learners will sit GCSEs, Entry Level certificates and BTEC qualifications.