The Westminster School Achieves The Sandwell Wellbeing Charter Mark

We have achieved The Sandwell Wellbeing Charter Mark!
Congratulations to all pupils, parents and staff in supporting us to achieve this award.

The Sandwell Wellbeing Charter Mark project has been co-developed by Inclusion Support and Sandwell Council’s Public Health Department as a way to recognise the promotion of positive mental health and wellbeing in Sandwell schools. The project addresses the well-being and mental health of all those in the school community (parents, staff, and pupils) and works on the premise that everyone, at some point in their life, will have some difficulties around mental health and need support from others. 

Parents asked for their comments said that staff members at The Westminster School are approachable and expressed feeling supported and listened to by the school. They spoke about the fact that staff members take their duty of care seriously and that they know staff are “doing their best” for the children, which enables them to get on with their day. 

Pupils spoke positively of staff members within school; they said that they will help with work and that “some” members of staff are good at cheering them up if they have had a bad day, however, some pupils said staff could be better at this but provided no further detail. The older pupils within the group expressed feeling supported in thinking about the next steps as they move on from Westminster, whilst other pupils said that they were excited about being able to stay at the school for post-16 education as they “don’t want to leave.”