Olympic Gold medallist Ellie Simmonds visits The Westminster School

Ellie Simmonds TWS visit.jpg

On Tuesday 17th January 2017, The Westminster School welcomed Paralympic Gold medallist Ellie Simmonds in to chat to the children.


Ellie gave the children an overview of her career to date and they got to see her in action on the big screen.


After firing a range of questions at Ellie, the children learnt that Ellie trains for 18 hours per week across 9 sessions when she is preparing for a competition and has been swimming since the age of 4.


She has met a range of other Olympians and even a couple of pop stars, and shared with the children that she cries whenever she is really happy and proud.


They also learnt that she has 3 sisters and 1 brother (of which she is the youngest) and that her favourite food is cake!


Ellie brought in 3 of her 5 medals, hidden cleverly in socks, for the children to hold and feel. The children explored the braille writing on the medals and shook them to hear the sounds they make. It was a shock how heavy the medals are!


Ellie took the time to speak to all 182 children individually, gaining lots of hugs, handshakes and smiles and posing for photographs.


Thank you Ellie, our children thoroughly enjoyed your visit and you have truly inspired the children at Westminster to be all that they can be.