Governor Quality

In order to review the effectiveness of our Governing Body we have recently asked organisations to carry out an independent review of our operation and practice. These organisations were Newport Education and Sandwell SIPS Education. We are delighted to find that both organisations found our Governing Body to be very strong. Newport Education have informed us that we have been awarded the official Governors Mark, and can use this logo on our documentation. They will be sending us a full report in the near future. Sandwell SIPS gave us the following grading:

-Overall effectiveness of Governance – Strong

-Strategic Governance – Strong

-Performance Governance – Strong

-Financial Governance – Strong

Amongst the very positive comments throughout the report were the following, which I include to give you a flavour of how we operate.

Overall effectiveness

-Governors operate in such a way that their statutory duties are met and priorities are approved

-Governors understand their roles to challenge, support, monitor and evaluate the work of the school

-Generally Governors understand their statutory responsibilities

-Governors set out clearly and unambiguously the need to attend all safeguarding training and they take this responsibly very seriously

-Governors have adopted  a series of processes to keep the work of the school under review

-Governors take seriously their obligations to improve their knowledge and skills in support of the school

-Governors take their duty to engage with the schools community very seriously


Governors have a good understanding of the schools performance and use this knowledge to hold school leaders to account

-Governors take a robust stance in the challenge they offer in regarding financial management