Governor Mark

 We are especially delighted to be awarded the National Governors Association approved quality standard known as the Governor Mark. We are amongst fewer than 50 schools nationwide to have achieved this. Consequently we are permitted to use their logo on our letterhead.


The summary of their report concluded the following.

“This is a Governing board that presented as passionate, caring and clearly focussed ion doing everything possible to provide the best opportunities at the Westminster School for all children in its care”

“The assessor was presented with considerable evidence that confirmed the Governor’s self-assessment and OFSTED’s view that governors are well informed and knowledgeable about the school, the set challenging targets and have tackled underperformance of staff. They are experienced, knowledgeable and regular visits and engagement with stockholders enables them to make informed judgements for evaluation”.

“Governor Mark is well deserved”

Article by Ken Ellis (Vice Chair of Govenors)

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