The Westminster School Local Offer

In 2014, the Government published the Send Code of Practice. The Government’s aim is to provide better outcomes for children and young people with additional needs and disabilities and to improve the experience of parents/carers when securing support for their children.

As part of the proposed legislation, Local Authorities will be required to publish a Local Offer which will show the special educational provision and support available to pupils with special needs.

The following is the response of The Westminster School to that Local Offer, a full copy of which can be accessed below: 

What does your service do? Where is it located and what areas
does it cover?
Who does your service provide for?
How can I start using the service? How are decisions made about who
can use your service?
How do you communicate with parents/carers and how are they involved in decision making/planning?
Is your service fully accessible? What training do the staff supporting the children and young people have or are having? Who can I contact for further information?
The Westminster School Local Offer 2018-19.pdf590.95 KB